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Acapulco, Guerrero

Acapulco is the most popular Mexican tourist destination in the world and without a doubt, one of the favorites among Mexicans, as it offers a range of alternatives that go from super luxury to the most modest, on its huge infrastructure dedicated to tourism.

The harbor is located 395 km from Mexico City and at 133 km from Chilpancingo, capital of the state of Guerrero. The weather is mild almost the entire year, for that reason any season is good to be enjoyed.

Acapulco’s beaches offer the tourist paradisiacal kilometers of golden sand. The most visited are: Condesa, El Revolcadero, Puerto Marques, Tamarindo, Dominguillo, Caleta, Caletilla, El Morro, Hornos, Hornitos and Tlacopanocha. La Quebrada has been and will be Acapulco’s icon, watching the daring youngsters to risk their lives climbing dangerous risks and jump from a height of 30 meters, to dive in the water is, without doubt, an experience worthy of witnessing. In almost all these sites there areas prepared for tourism, with palapas and resting areas. Plus, in some one can practice sailing. If you don’t count with one, there are places to rent them.

The people from Acapulco are experts in preparing seafood, who doesn’t want to enjoy an exquisite Octopus in its Ink or a delicious Ceviche? The Garlic Shrimp and the Campechanas (which include several shellfish) will make happy even the most demanding palate. If you like variety, in this zone of Guerrero it is also cooked an exquisite goat meat roasted, as well as the stuff suckling pig.

Regarding the tourist services, its prestige is not in vain: along the Coastal Avenue one can see the amazing options variety of hotels, gastronomy, car rentals, activities such as: golf, aquatic sports of all kind, scuba diving, aquatic parks, night clubs, discos and bars. There are many reason, many places to visit, activities, the great attention and service, which will make you enjoy, live and feel in your skin one of the most famous ports in Mexico: a classic vocational destination.


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